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Punishing Him Good and Proper (Gay/BDSM/Spanking)

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In this story Johnny (Tom Malone) thought for some reason it would be okay to help himself to a couple of swigs from a bottle that was in a box gifted to Marco… This was clearly not a good idea. Disciplinary spankings, also known as punishment spankings, or corporal punishment, are usually less common than maintenance spankings, but are perhaps the most essential. They establish you as the source of the pain he fears as well as the pleasure he craves, motivating his entire mindset. It is vital that he understands that serious matters have serious consequences, and that it is as important not to displease you as it is to please you. Always make sure he knows why he is being punished, so he can learn from his mistake, correct his behavior, grow as person, and strengthen your relationship. For best results, make certain the spanking is severe enough that he learns the lesson. The frequency of disciplinary spankings varies depending on how minor an infraction you wish to punish, but for most who reserve such spankings for more major incidents, these spankings should be infrequent, and more so the longer he is yours. The intensity and duration of these spankings also varies depending on the severity and nature of his infraction, but generally speaking range from mid to extreme.

It suddenly occurred to Jordan that the itching powder and ants must have been bought there specially for him, this was no chance encounter, they had known in advance that he would be at the pool. So someone, either the Ranger or Harley must have been in on the plan. Jordan glowered at Dewey, furious at this further evidence that the news of his humiliating situation was spreading like wild fire. “Shut up, if you want to keep your teeth!” he snarled.Spanking your man is a great deal of fun, and there is no reason to feel limited by schedules to enjoy it. Adding additional spankings in any situation or style only increases the over all effectiveness of your training, reinforcing your authority and control. Spanking can be enjoyed while you play or make love, at random unannounced times, through additional spanking sessions above and beyond maintenance, and any other time you decide. Unlike the other two types, which are about him as much as they are about you, these enjoyment spankings are mostly about you - your fun, your stress relief, your feelings of strength and control, and the deep satisfaction you can get from having your man love you enough to endure some discomfort to bring you joy. Your man should experience great satisfaction in being able to make you happy through in such a simple way. The frequency of pleasure spankings are how ever often you feel like it, which might well become quite often. The intensity and duration of these spankings depends entirely on whatever you feel like at the time, usually from low to high.

It was then that all three of Jordan’s new tormentor’s produced a selection of old wooden paddles, both fraternity paddles with greek letters or old fashioned domestic paddles with quaint phrases on them. Now that smooth bottom is in for a damn good spanking ensuring a burning end and of course the right measure that was needed to deal with the light-fingered lad! You can use the color of your man's bottom to gauge the level of mental effect your spanking is achieving. The more memorable you make each spanking, the greater the benefit it will be for you and your man. Spreading out the spanking evenly across every area of his bottom will reduce the appearance of blood from welts or cuts from your implement. This will allow you to spank longer, and harder, while preserving the overall integrity of the skin so he will be ready for your next spanking. With the right balance, you can ensure that every time your man sits down, he will be thinking of you and your loving discipline. You can also maximize your effectiveness and total strokes by using a variety of implements in one spanking.

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I enjoy depicting adult spanking scenes (usually M/M and platonic/disciplinary, but I may stray to more sexual situations and other pairing types). If you don't like this stuff, please browse elsewhere!!! Otherwise, I hope you have fun looking at my art (I also write - stories at my AO3 link above). Spankings of every level of severity have psychological benefit for training your man, regardless of his ability to maintain his emotional composure. It is also true that you will never make more valuable progress in training through spanking than every time you push him beyond his threshold for tears. Not every spanking needs to be about whether he cries or not, and certainly your interest in reaching tears may vary greatly from one type of spanking to another. Some women believe spanking to tears is too much, while others believe that reaching tears is a sign the spanking has worked and should end. Still others believe that spanking is just warm up until tears are reached, and only then does the actual teaching spanking begin. No matter how serious you are about spanking, remember to break your man in over time, and not to go from zero to sixty right away.

However, at that moment, Jordan was free from the myriad discomforts which had recently plagued his life. The Ranger, his new guardian, had agreed he could have a morning free from chores and had dropped him off at the old swimming pool at the edge of town “You can relax today” he had said “Tomorrow you have an important role to play at the local charity fair!” Duration of spanking is more about the number of strokes and the intensity of the hits than it is about the length of time it takes. The harder you are hitting, the less strokes it will take to reach the desired level of physical and mental impact. The frequency of spanking depends on the reason for the spanking. As a general rule, it is most useful in training your man to choose more frequent spankings over more serious spankings, but with a proper balance, you will be able to enjoy frequent and serious spankings while maintaining safety and well-being. The three types of spankings - maintenance, disciplinary, and pleasure - and the reason behind them is the most important factor in choosing the severity and duration. Jordan had no idea what was planned for the fair, but hoped he would at least be allowed to wear clothes. Meanwhile today, it was just a relief to have some cover albeit only his tiny blue speedos.The pool was entirely empty when Jordan dived in and swam a full length under water. For the first time in weeks, Jordan felt a sense of freedom and relief as his skimmed through the cool deep water, wuith the sleekness and agility of a fit young otter. Swimming was the one thing in the world at which he was the most accomplished, and if had had the determination and self discipline to overcome his naturally lazy and self indulgent nature, he could potentially have been a world class athlete.

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